Client Testimonials

Testimonial 1:
"Our family home was devastated by a burst water pipe in the attic. The afternoon I naively walked in the front door and saw the destruction, I was completely taken aback to what I witnessed. The house had been transformed from our home to a breath-taking and surreal scene of destruction and flooding. Much of the ceiling had descended on top of furniture and collapsed to the floor. Water was raining down from the exposed attic. The floor was soaked with fallen drywall, insulation and several hundred gallons of water. Pictures, art, furniture, bedding, closets full of clothing and most all of our personal effects were overcome with damage. It was a spectacle almost incomprehensible.

Stunned, confused and at a near loss for thoughts or words, I contacted a neighbor for advice. He said he was familiar with PHD Services. Within minutes the owner of PHD Services called me. In a confident and reassuring tone he pledged his "best man Tony Zampella" was fully capable and would be able to correct our mishap. Within fifteen minutes a team of several brightly painted red and gold PHD service vehicles surfaced.

Entirely sympathetic to the gravity of my dismay and disorientation, Tony Zampella took control of the situation. His demeanor and connection to our predicament was nothing less than professional and soundly encouraging. As he worked one on one with me, he directed his team to start the clean-up process. They surged into the home without hesitation. Tony's team went to work promptly removing the water from within. This group is nothing less than specialized and efficient. I departed that evening confidently knowing we left our home in the right hands.

From the first day to the last, Tony was the consummate professional. He and his crew worked diligently cleaning every square inch of our home. If PHD is anything, they are comprehensive and acutely thorough. Everything PHD does is with careful attentiveness and tremendous sensitivity. This is so deeply important and comforting when you're inviting outsiders into your home.

Tony Zampella is exceptionally clear and communicative. He was conscientious to walk me through the assorted steps PHD would perform to return our home to living conditions. This communication was immensely encouraging. Tony is not just some stranger or a just a contractor, he becomes a part of your family and the reassurance your family home will be safe. I think of Tony and his crew as the people who gave us our home back. And for this, I will always be thankful to PHD Services.

I absolutely cannot recommend PHD Services enough. Thank you Tony and PHD Services for your professionalism and piece of mind."

Testimonial 2:
A local contractor "fixed" our master bathroom slow leak years ago...very little moisture, according to him. He ripped out my ceiling & walls & repaired a "faulty" toilet diaphragm upstairs. We assumed the repair was properly completed.

Scott & I were recently shocked to see my bathroom ceiling was damp. I immediately called my friend, Mark Creamer of PHD, as they do water & fire remediation. He arrived promptly & looked beyond the obvious to discover we had two leaking toilets above. The slow leak had rotted the flooring & two floor joists. Mark's state-of-the-art equipment measured not only the alarming level of moisture in the upstairs bathrooms, but even the moisture trapped under the wallpaper. His company opened & sealed cavaties that were damp & ran high power equipment to dry the interior cavaties vs patching the ceiling and trapping the moisture. He pulled up the flooring to reveal damp, rotting floors. A solution was quickly derived. Mark & his skilled staff were punctual, communicative & highly-skilled. Plus, they were diligent about keeping my home spotless during a daunting process. Happily, Scott concurred that we could use this to rip out & remodel two tired bathrooms. Mark gave us great suggestions, his craftsman (who can honestly do ANYTHING) tackled a job that Became more complex, and we now have two knock-out new bathrooms and know our home not only looks updated, but is also healthy and free of dampness and mold. I highly recommend Mark Creamer of PHD and his team of professionals.

I hope you are sparred unexpected leaks or fire damage, but it is a great relief to know there is someone trustworthy and in possession of the latest technology to restore your home. Wanted to share this with my friends & invite you to do the same!"

Testimonial 3:
"Am totally pleased with all PHD does -- that's why I called when we experienced the broken pipe. Tony and others go above and beyond in their jobs, making sure the client is taken care of and satisfied. I wouldn't call anyone else!"