Water Damage Restoration

The effects of water damage, whether it be from a broken water pipe or an unfortunate flood disaster, is a situation that requires immediate response. The experienced specialist's within PHD Services stand ready to respond to any water related disaster, whether it be at your home or place of business, with speed and efficiency. We take the necessary steps to remove any excess water then dry, dehumidify, disinfect, and deodorize the affected areas. For those living in a community that is especially susceptible to flooding or other natural disasters it is important to trust professionals and specialists to handle all aspects of cleanup. Without professional and knowledgeable cleanup you are put at risk of more serious damage in the future. PHD Services has the experience and necessary equipment to help you restore your world. Whether you are located in Beaufort County or any of our surrounding areas, PHD Services is equipped to respond to all your restoration needs.

If not handled properly, even a small water loss can turn into a major problem. Coverage issues, destruction of items that should not otherwise have been affected, and mold all pose serious problems if it isn't dealt with quickly and efficiently. The restoration specialists at PHD Services are trained to handle all aspects of drying and dehumidifying your home or business to alleviate risk of these more hazardous conditions.

PHD Services can assess whether or not there is hidden damage when your home or business has been affected by water damage. Water, as we know, will follow the path of least resistance and in the case of standing water can seep though the floor covering, down to sub-floors and creep up into walls and furniture. PHD Services offers a one-stop shop in which we handle all aspects of structural removal and replacement, including:

No matter the type and severity of the water loss, PHD Services' experienced specialists will work alongside your insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage and determine whether restoration or replacement is the best route to go for your particular situation in your home or place of business. We realize every situation is different, however, regardless of the circumstances we treat each customer's property as if it were our very own.

PHD Services offers a wide array of stain removal services to handle any spots that may remain from a water loss situation. Our trained professionals, along with our state of the art equipment, are ready to handle any stain removal, and get the affected areas back to pre-loss condition.